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Amber from Sarnia

Before being introduced to Bowen it took my husband and I two years to conceive our first child that also required medical help. Before my husband and I started trying for our second we decided to try Bowen’s fertility treatment that Carol offered to see if it made a difference. Its unbelievable  how affective this treatment is and how quickly it aided our ability to conceive our second child. We started our treatment before we started trying to conceive. The atmosphere is very calm and relaxing which helps to relax your body before treatment. The treatment it’s self is between a massage and a visit to a chiropractor, not that any bones are being readjusted. The depth in which some muscles need help are what makes it comparable to a chiropractor. I found this treatment very comfortable and attainable for anyone, even those who are not chiropractor fans which I am not. Not only did it help regulate my very erratic menstrual cycle but the headaches, cramps and duration associated with that time were manageable. The most shocking proof was the first month my husband and I tried to conceive, we did! The experience between trying to conceive my first to my second was more enjoyable, the stress was eliminated and the sheer surprise of conceiving so fast was both pleasant and shocking. If you are having difficulty conceiving, I highly recommend this treatment. Carol offers more than just fertility with Bowen. I’ve had the pleasure of using many resources with Bowen which include but not limited to adjusting my hip/lower back, carpel tunnel treatments and balance issues. I’m happy to report that the results for all of these treatments have been just as effective. Bowen has helped me carry on doing the things I love to do but were unable to because of pain or just not being physically able to accomplish. I highly recommend giving Bowen a try. 

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